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DDPET raises funds and distributes grants to local groups who want to undertake projects with an environmental theme.

Grants of up to £1000 can be awarded to groups which have a formal constitution, their own bank account and whose projects match the trust’s aims. The trust can help enthusiasts set up a new group or can award funds for ongoing projects, or relevant training for those projects.

There is a simple application form which includes a Sustainability Assessment. Although this is not scored in the grant giving process it does ensure that applicants are fully considering the wider impact of their project. This grant program is supported financially by Denby Dale Parish Council. Matching funds are not necessarily required but an enthusiastic workforce can be a valuable contribution in kind.

DDPET is an enrolled environmental body and is able to raise cash through the Landfill Community Fund (LCF) whereby tax paid by landfill operators is returned to the community for good causes. In the past 12 years DDPET has accessed more than £200,000 in LCF funding for the parish.