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DDPET began in 1997 as an advisory group to the Denby Dale Parish Council

It soon developed to become a registered charity in its own right, with the broad aim of protecting and enhancing the local environment, and to help, encourage and facilitate local people to play an active part in this.

The trust has a broad membership including representatives of local activity groups, schools, businesses and enthusiastic individuals.

Up to 10 trustees are drawn from these members along with a representative of the Parish Council.

Evening meetings are held every 2 months at Skelmanthorpe Council chambers, for trustees, members, and guests to consider grant applications, arrange visits or information sessions and listen to presentations from guest speakers.

Once or twice a year visits are organised to places of interest within or near to the locality when members and their friends and families discover hidden gems in their own back yards.

The majority of the photographs featured on this site were supplied by Alan Coe. Our gratitude and thanks.

Our Trustees

Jeremy Patterson (Chair)
Phil Slater (Treasurer)
Barry Brook (Secretary)
Graham Coultish
Richard Brook (Parish Council)
Polly Flinders (Parish Council)
Peter Senior
Maxine Senior
Craig Westwood